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The Story of

Secret Dinosaur Cult


It all started when…

Our dads left.

No, but seriously. That's probably why we became funny.

And now, many years and several abandoning dads later, we have found each other and this podcast.

The Secret Dinosaur Cult began in Edinburgh in August 2018 when Jodie filled in for a podcast guest that never turned up to do Sofie's podcast. Through projection onto dinosaurs, we discussed our trauma. It was funny. We decided to record it.

And here we are.


A live comedy podcast by comedian and author Sofie Hagen and comedian and drag king Jodie Mitchell about daddy issues, trauma, queerness and dinosaurs.

Photos, in case you’re journalist or something

But do ask for permission before you use them, okay?

All photos must be credited to photographer Gavin Smart.

Live Photos

Photos from the live recording at the Manchester Podcast Festival on October 4th 2018.

All photos must be credited to photographer Chris Payne.

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